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Announcement: Membership Statuses | SupaFlyBloggers.Com
Announcement: Membership Statuses

Announcement: Membership Statuses

Have you seen the different membership levels in Discord and wondered how people got there? Do you wonder how you can get there yourself? Wonder no more, friend, because in this article, I will tell you all the ins and outs of our membership policy. We will start from the beginning and work our way up. But first, let’s look at how a member accumulates “points” to work toward the various levels. If you have any questions about this policy, feel free to ask an Administrator or Moderator on Discord.

Our Membership Level Moderator

In the SupaFlyBloggers Community, we use a chat bot known as Mee6 to automate the advancement of members based on their activity. We do this for two reasons. One reason is because if we managed the advancements manually, there is always the chance that someone could play favorites and promote someone before they really deserved it. Or the opposite could even happen and a personality conflict could hold someone back. This would not be fair to anyone in the entire community, and we try to be as fair as possible here. The second reason is because the administrators and moderators are all volunteers here and it would not be fair to them to ask them to keep up with member participation manually, as that would take a lot of time. Combine these two reasons and you have the reason we use our good friend Mee6. We, as the administrative group here, thought this would be the most impartial and fair way to implement a system to reward valuable users for their effort and contribution.

How Do Points Work?

This question requires a bit of explaining. Mee6 is not set up to give a set amount of points for each comment in chat, so instead he grants a semi-random number of points for each comment in chat once each minute. What this means for you is that, while your number of points is somewhat random (within a small range of 15-25, but still random to some extent), you will get credit for one comment made each minute. This discourages members from breaking up comments into multiple smaller comments in order to mine points. It also gives members a reason to pause and truly reflect on what the other members are saying before responding, allowing for more useful feedback. It really helps everyone out.

When you get a set number of points, you are advanced to the next “level” in Mee6’s data bank. Once you achieve certain set levels, you are promoted to a new membership level. Think of it as a role playing game. You begin as a newcomer, but with the accumulation of XP, or experience points, you morph into something better, stronger and more established. While we discourage people from shaming others who are a lower level than they are, we wouldn’t mind one bit if you gain confidence in your abilities and your place in the group as you advance.

Now, on to the membership levels:

Membership Levels


To become a member, all you have to do is join our server. That’s it. You are automatically a member just by signing up. There are no forms to fill out, no hoops to jump through, no dues to pay (for any level, ever). All you have to do is log in and you’re a member of this great community. To see what is expected of you, please view our #rules channel on Discord. Our rules are minimal, but we do enforce them, so be familiar with them. Also, please note that voice comments do not count toward this total.

Active Member

To be an Active Member, you need to rank at a level of 10. This can be accomplished by sending an average of 234 messages in chat (though in reality, it is a variable number between 187 and 312). This can be done during meetings, by giving suggestions or (our preferred method) by talking in chat in the #blogging room (though talking in the #general room will count toward this as well). Please note, however, that if your comments are consistently viewed as empty of content or substance, a moderator or administrator may reach out to you and make sure you are enjoying the community to its fullest. We encourage meaningful discussion, even if many of your comments are simply asking questions; this is a learning community after all.

Established Member

An Established Member has passed through the Active Member status, and given extra effort and contributions to discussions in order to gain a level of 15. This can be done by sending an average of 592 messages in chat (though it is actually a variable between 473 and 789). At this level, you will begin to see benefits come your way. You will have the opportunity to write Guest posts on our blog from time to time and back-link to your website in your author bio. We will also offer one general chat each week where Established Members and above may come and talk about things they want to discuss with Administrators, Moderators and other Established Members.


The role of Elder is reserved for those who have committed a large amount of time and effort to our community and have reached level 20. To achieve this, you must submit an average of 1,193 comments in chat (though it is a variable between 954 and 1,590). This is the top tier that a member can reach. Elders will see even more opportunities come their way. In addition to the perks offered to Established Members, Elders can do additional things. Elders may submit an application to teach a course at SupaFly University, our learning section where all classes are free, in a topic related to blogging in which they are knowledgeable. The terms of teaching a course are forthcoming, but the material will be reviewed by the administrative staff before being accepted to ensure its accuracy and usefulness. When you teach a course, you may hype up your website to a reasonable degree if it fits the theme which you are teaching. Regardless of whether your blog fits the topic, you will be able to mention it in appropriate places. We hope this will drive more traffic to your blog in addition to giving you the opportunity to teach others the things you wish you had known earlier. We will also hold one Elders meeting every week, similar to the Established Members meeting, where we can discuss things that are on your mind in an atmosphere where other major contributors can answer you directly. Also note that anyone of Elder status is able to apply to become a Moderator when positions are available.

A Warning

We try to maintain a productive and open community here at SupaFlyBloggers, and as such, we reserve the right to demote (temporarily or permanently), kick or ban (temporarily or permanently), at our discretion, any user who disobeys our rules. We attempt to use these actions only when we feel they are necessary, but we urge you to be careful and obey the rules nonetheless. If you feel you were treated unjustly, please feel free to contact us and we will help to moderate the issue. Likewise, if you see anything that the Administrators or Moderators seem to have missed and not acted upon which you feel they should have, feel free to contact an Administrator or Moderator on Discord.

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