Tools & Resources

Tools & Resources

Our “Must See” List Of Blogging Tools & Resources

Recommended By Over 50+ Bloggers!

These blogging tools and resources have been curated from over 20+ bloggers in all kinds of niches from across the globe.

Here are our favorite blogging tools (in no particular order):

Content Generation Tools – Use your keywords to analyze what people are looking for on services including Google, Bing and YouTube. – Input nouns you would like to write about and get ideas using a specialized algorithm. – Enter a keyword and see related search terms, along with how popular those terms are.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – A service specializing in ranking analysis. Services include keyword research, backlink research, rank tracking and more.

The “SEO Checklist 2017” posted to r/marketing – As the name suggests, this was a post on Reddit in the Marketing forum. It is a list of important SEO tasks with a link to a page with more detailed information. – A blog about SEO and online marketing. This resource comes highly recommended.

Photo Resources – A long list of websites offering free photos with varying licenses and terms. – A resource by the team at Adobe that allows users to add text and designs to photos, generate web stories, and even create animated videos. – This is similar to Adobe Spark in many ways, but some of the bloggers in our group mentioned this as a good resource as well.

Misc. Blogging Articles -A very thorough guide to why guest blogging matters and how to do it better. – As the name implies, this is a list of places to share your PDF files online. This can come in handy if you have a limited amount of space or if bandwidth is a concern.

Podcasting Tools & Resources

Free & Purchased Paid Podcasting Audio

[Free] – -A source for royalty-free music, licensed under a Creative Commons “Attribution-NoDerivs” License. It hosts a wide range of tracks.

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