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Join The Cornerstone Content Challenge

Join The Cornerstone Content Challenge

SupaFlyBloggers Cornerstone Content Challenge

Are you part of the SupaFlyBloggers Discord Channel? If so, you probably took part in the survey we had a little while back where we asked the question…

“Are you satisfied with the traffic you received on the very last post you made?”

And guess what? The results were astounding!

6 of 10 #bloggers claimed they were unhappy with the traffic they received on their last post. Click To Tweet

On average, a typical post can take anywhere from 24 hours to a week to complete. But most of us who are putting in the work just aren’t getting the traffic we deserve.

And that’s sad. Real Sad.

And unnecessary.

Getting folks to see your content really isn’t that complicated. It’s actually quite simple… if you’re making the right kind of stuff.

You see… In order to get people to see your content, you just have to have a blog post or video worth seeing. Then promote it to 10 – 30 of the right kind of people.

Make it worth sharing… 

Make it Cornerstone Content…

What Is Cornerstone Content?

Now, for those of you new to the world of blogging, you may be asking yourself…

“What Is Cornerstone Content and how will it help me gain more readers?”

For an incredibly well-written and thoughtful explanation, I urge you to check out Magnet4Blogging’s How To Write Cornerstone Content That Matters In 2017. It’s the best coverage I’ve found of the concept, IMO.

To give you a brief summary, Cornerstone Content posts are massive, 2,000 – 10,000 word posts designed to provide deep value and insight. They are written to provide a detailed roadmap that solves a dire problem within a niche.

And when they’re done right… Man! Do they provide value!

How valuable is this content to your blog?

For that, I defer to Fabrizio Van Marciano, the author of the aforementioned post.

“When crafted with great care, Massive Value Posts, (I call them cornerstone content) have the ability to pull in huge amounts of traffic, comments, social shares and even backlinks to your blog.”

As you can see, Cornerstone Content can be a game-changer. It can make your blog 10x better and then some…

But writing those posts are not easy. They consume your time and mental resources. And it’s just plain hard to muster up the energy to write one of these massive value posts despite the rich and long-lasting rewards they offer.

And that’s why we created the CornerStone Post Challenge

The Cornerstone Content Challenge

The Cornerstone Challenge is a community initiative created to push bloggers and other content creators to create better and more frequent Cornerstone Content posts.

This month's Challenge is to write 2 cornerstone posts to bring more traffic to your #blog. Click To Tweet

At the end of every 2 weeks, participants who signed up through our SupaFly Cornerstone Challenge Entry Form will be eligible to vote (and be voted on) for the “best Cornerstone Content Post” for the entire SupaFly Blogging Community.

If you’re voted as “Best Cornerstone Content Creator” for that particular 2 week period, you will receive a special role on our Discord Server as “Content King” and will receive a featured article on the SupaFlyBloggers.Com website with a backlink leading back to your post.

We figure that should help kick off the traffic, nicely 🙂

Rules For Participation:

  • All participants should fill out the SupaFly Cornerstone Challenge Entry Form to enter for the next challenge.
  • All posts should be between 2,000 – 10,000 words in length.
  • All posts should include a primary keyword or phrase, and the search traffic for that keyword should be at least 30 visitors a month (more if possible).
  • All posts should be media rich. Posts will be graded on a scale of 1 – 7 on how well you use images, videos, infographics, charts, graphs, slide presentations, etc. to drive home your points and engage your readers.
  • All posts should be data rich. Posts will be graded between 1 – 7 on well you backup your claims and premises using charts, graphs, statistics, external links to outside sources, internal links to relevant posts, interviews, quotes, and excerpts from other authors.
  • Posts should be aesthetically pleasing. Posts will be graded between 1 – 7 on the “Total Page Experience”. Site/page design, text alignment, font size, font type, color choices, strategic use of headings & subheadings, paragraph size, etc.
  • In order to be eligible to be voted on, you must post your link in the #cornerstonechallenge room on our discord server by 12:00am Pacific Time on the Challenge deadline as shown in the events calendar in the top sidebar of our website.

Ways To Make Your Cornerstone Posts Better

Here are some tips, tricks, and resources to help make your Cornerstone Post even better!

Choosing the right topic

  • Use Quora, Reddit, Facebook groups, Linkedin groups, or a niche forum to turn a recent user question into your blog post!
  • Look for questions that have many “layers” to the answer. For example… “How do I get traffic to my blog site in 2017” would make a much better cornerstone post then “how do I change the font size of my wordpress post”. You’re looking for 2,000 – 10,000 words.
  • While researching specific questions to answer, try and think of specific keywords you’d like your blog post to show up as the first result for in Google. Then check the keywords using a keyword research tool like XXXXXXXXXXXXX to make sure monthly traffic is high enough.
  • Primary keywords you want to rank for should be 2 – 7 words long. For example. “How to write a cornerstone post”.
  • Be sure to check the first 5 links in Google for that keyword as well. Your cornerstone post should be more useful and look much better than any of the first 5 links.

Making your posts easier to write

  • Use a word processor like Google Docs with word count & spell check instead of writing them directly in wordpress

Use A Variety Of Rich Media To Drive Home Your Points

Finding Great Images For Your Blog

  • Canva – It just makes so much pretty stuff for your blog!
  • QuotesCover – Use nice looking quotes to help break up your text.
  • Jing – If you need to take simple screenshots of your computer or need to make quick little tutorial videos.

Publish Some Amazing Video

  • Lightworks – A free, full featured video editing software program that’s not impossible to learn.
  • Da Vinci Resolve – Another great free full featured free video software program that’s probably even a little easier to learn than Lightworks.
  • BenSound – Royalty Free music for the intros and outros of your videos or podcasts.

Create Your Own Infographics

  • Canva Infographics – Told you Canva was awesome. Here it is for infographics.
  • Visualize.me – A neat little infographic generator that should help make your infographics nice.
  • Easel.ly – Even more infographic stuff for you to use.
  • GraphicsDriver – Super cheap infographic templates if you’re good with Adobe software and need your infographics to look a little more customized.

Record An Audio Interview Or Podcast

  • Audacity – The de facto free audio recorder and editor. Totally worth learning if you do a lot of audio stuff.
  • AudioLibrary – A giant repository of free sound clips on Youtube.
  • AudioJungle – Pretty cheap audio sound clips for your podcasts or tutorial videos.

Show Off Your SlideShow Presentations

  • Slides – A free HTML slideshow presenter you can embed in your blog.
  • Google Slides – Tried and true way to do slideshow stuff in your blog.
  • SlideShare – If you already have a great slideshow created on your local computer, you can upload it here to share it online.
  • SpeakerDeck – Turn a powerpoint into a PDF. Then turn your PDF into an embeddable presentation.

Confirm Your Posts are Data Rich

  • Reach out to influencers in your niche for interviews, excerpts, and quotes. Not only does it give your cornerstone article even more weight and authority… but it’s a great way to open the communication line for future partnerships, guest posting, and contest opportunities later down the line. 
  • Use lots of relevant links to connect people with even more in-depth articles to help further explain your points. If your cornerstone article should link to another blog, video, or infographic found on someone else’s site, link to it freely! But make a note somewhere and consider making that your next article so you can update it later and link to your own stuff eventually.
  • Try to credit authoritative polls and blogs in chart and graph form to make your stuff even better.

Make Your Posts Aesthetically Pleasing

  • Pictaculous – Just enter your URL and it will scan your site and give you the hex code for all the primary colors on your page. This will help keep the colors of your website consistent with a lot less work!
  • Spend some quality time understanding your typography. 12 – 16pt font should be good. Do not go below that or your blog will be too hard to read.

And that’s it!

I really hope you find this Challenge useful and reap tons of rewards in writing it.

If you’re part of any other content groups or can think of anyone who would benefit from doing this challenge as well…

Please share so the next challenge will be even better!

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