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How To Find Your Perfect Blog Niche Using Reddit | SupaFlyBloggers.Com
How To Find Your Perfect Blog Niche Using Reddit

How To Find Your Perfect Blog Niche Using Reddit

How To Find The Perfect Niche Using Reddit

Raise your hand if you’ve ever started a blog and written a half dozen articles before you realized you had absolutely no idea what you were supposed to be writing about?

Have you wished you were an “expert” in something but had absolutely no confidence that anyone would care about what you had to say?

Ever worried your niche was completely oversaturated and you’d never be able to reach anyone who would give a damn about your content?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then…

I’m going to help you find the perfect blog niche and find your unique blogging voice within 25 minutes using the incredible power of Reddit!!!

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. An active Reddit account with subscriptions to 10 or more subreddits
2. A word processor, spreadsheet, or simple pen & paper to make a couple of easy lists on.
3. Less than 25 minutes of your time…

Step 1: Use Reddit To Generate A List Of Profitable Niches You’re Already Passionate About

Make A List Of Potential Niches Using Reddit

To get everything you possibly can out of step one, you should be an active user on Reddit.

More specifically, what you really want is to have is an account with several subscriptions to a variety of subreddits (known as “subs”) that you already love and enjoy.

I’d say 10 or more subscriptions is optimal. And preferably these will be subs that you check pretty regularly (at least 2 – 3 times a week).

Here’s why using Reddit to build your blog is so awesome…

  • If you’re checking a sub frequently, it’s a strong indicator that you deeply care about a topic that you could potentially be writing about for several hours a month.
  • By being active in a sub, you’ll have the ability to more accurately gauge how popular that particular subject matter is (how many subscribers does it have?) and how passionate the audience is for that topic (how engaged are they with commenting, posting, and giving feedback?)
  • Reddit is probably the easiest platform I’ve found for researching topics and questions people actually care about in life.

So if Reddit is a social media platform you use regularly, then let’s start walking through the process you’ll use to build your niche in a fun, smart, and super easy way…

Make a list of your preferred Subreddits

To kick this process off right, the first thing you’ll need to do is to print out a quick list of all the Subreddits you’re already subscribed to.

Here’s an easy way to see your subscription history. 

Next, open your preferred word processor, spreadsheet, or just grab and pen and paper and make out a list of the the top 8 – 12 subreddits you subscribe to that you think you could be passionate writing about.

** Please note ** — If you’re relatively active on Reddit, you may potentially have dozens and dozens of subreddits you’re subscribed to. Feel free to jot down ANYTHING that sounds even remotely fun to you.

You’ll be filtering out several of your choices in the next step so it’s better to start with “too many” than “too few”.

My Subreddits Niche Finder

Rank your list in order of possibility and profitability

Beautiful 🙂

Now that you’ve got a sizeable list to go by, let’s start ranking these subreddits in order of expertise, passion, and the potential for profitability by answering the following questions:

5 Questions To Ask To Find Your Niche On Reddit

**A quick note on that last question** — I’m not suggesting you go off and promote a bunch of products in your new subreddit. You’ll burn bridges before you even get your feet off the ground.

The point is there’s an opportunity to promote, which is waaaay more important than the promotion itself.

And the plan is to cash in on that opportunity once you’ve provided enough value that you’re seen as an asset, rather than a hinderance.

So with that being said…

It’s time to start organizing your list in a way that’s useful for you. We’ll use some specific criteria to rank them to minimize the chance of you wasting your time.

Here’s a spreadsheet you can copy from me to start with:

Reddit Blog Niche Generator

How To Use The Reddit Niche Generator

  • Once you get to the last column titled “Is This A Good Niche?”, count up the amount of blue and brown cells you have in each row.
  • If you have more blue cells than brown ones, mark “Yes” in the final column.
  • If there are more brown cells than blue, mark “No”.
  • Sort the last column to group all the niches which may make a great niche, and get ready to start putting it all together…

Putting It All Together

Once your spreadsheet is completed, you should probably have a pretty good idea of what your favorite topics and passions are.

You’ll also have a pretty good sense of how big the potential markets are for those passions based on the “Number Of Subscribers” column as well.

Finally… if you spent enough time answering question #5, you’ll also be pretty confident in the profitability potential of your favorite niches as well.

At this point, It’s time to start figuring out how much expertise you have in your preferred topics, as well as the potential angles you can take to help separate your blog other, more dominant blogs in your field.

Step 2: Get Your First 10 Blog Article Ideas By Solving Other People’s Problems

Make A List Of Potential Blog Articles Using Reddit

Now that you’ve got a profitable, well-defined blog idea with a sizeable audience…

Let’s start generating some article ideas!

The first part of this step requires you to make (yet another) list.

This one will be a list of potential blog topics you know your audience is going to love.

The focus of Step 2 is to find a never-ending stream of potential blog topics you know people in your niche need help with.

All while minimizing the risk that your article idea will fall flat…

Here’s how you do it…

Find an infinite stream of interesting blog article ideas by answering questions in your subreddit

/r/blogging Subreddit

The next part of this step requires you to do some detective work in the subreddit you’ve chosen.

Scroll through all the posts that were made over the past 1 – 15 days and start jotting down the questions people have been asking.

Use a blank word processor page, spreadsheet, or a piece of notebook paper.

You should be aiming for a list of AT LEAST 10 questions you feel you can answer in-depth.

But remember… just because you CAN answer them, doesn’t mean you should. At least not immediately…

They need to be worth your time.

When scrolling through user questions, take note of 3 important points to help you decide which topics are worth writing about and prioritize them.

You’ll want to note:

How many upvotes did the post get?

Check Reddit Upvotes For Niche Popularity

If a post gets a lot of upvotes, it means that a lot of people are also struggling with that question and it really needs an adequate answer to it.

And this is the type of article you should consider writing first.

*Consider using these posts as Cornerstone Content Posts for your blog*

How many comments does it have?

Comments Indicate Niche Engagement

If a post has a lot of comments on it, that means it’s a pretty clear pain point that brings people out of their safe spaces to weigh in on the issue as well.

These are the posts that require A TON of research for understanding the true depth of where the problems lie.

I absolutely urge you to read EVERY SINGLE COMMENT on that post, no matter how insignificant it may look. Understand what people are saying about the topic or having the most trouble with.

Then go out and find the answer to these user questions and start working it into your next blog article.

Comments will often contain more valuable information than the original post itself.

Do not skip this step or you’ll be leaving a lot of success on the table that was just there for the taking…

Is there a pattern to the types of questions being asked?

Patterns In Questions Indicate Good Topic Choices

If you’re noticing the same questions being asked over and over, that means the answer isn’t easily available. Or if it is available, it’s not widely known. Probably poorly organized or articulated as well.

And this is where you can gain your competitive edge!

Questions that are asked repetitively mean your “competition” hasn’t fully addressed it or are not marketing it well enough to establish dominance for that topic.

This means you have an opportunity to be the FIRST AUTHORITY they come in contact with that can solve their problem!

And I promise you…

Solve their problem once and they’ll be likely to turn to you for other answers as well…

Follow this method and you can easily get one step ahead of your competition. Get to your audience first and even when they find your competition later down the road, they’ll still keep revisiting you and see you as “one of the authorities” as well….

How To Create A Usable List Of Blog Article Ideas

Creating a list of blog topics your niche actually cares about is pretty simple. All you need is a word processor, spreadsheet, or you can do it all in analog if that’s more your speed.

I suggest checking out some bullet journaling pages to get a better idea of how you can organize your blog ideas in a fun and attractive way…

Check out Bullet.Journal.Therapy for great ideas on how to organize your stuff!

Bullet Journal Therapy Blog Article List

However you decide to do it, there’s some information you’ll want to archive for future reference.

  • Original poster’s username
  • Date of post
  • Title of post
  • URL of the original post

So now we’ve used Reddit to come up with your central focus for your blog.

We’ve estimated the popularity and profitability potential.

We’ve generated your first few article ideas.

And we’ve shaped the unique voice and competitive angle you’ll be using to fill the existing gaps in the market.

So what should you do next?…

Step 3: Answer User Questions As Massive Value Blog Posts

Turn Your Reddit Answer Into Cornerstone Content

To start your blog off on the right foot, choose the most valuable question from the previous list that you think you can add the most value to.

You’re looking for a question lots of repetition, lots of comments, and lots of upvotes.

This will be the first blog article you post on your new blog and we’ll help set the tone for how useful your blog will come to be.

That means we need to make it FANTASTIC!!!….

Focus on making your blog post as media rich and as helpful as possible using:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Charts and graphs
  • Infographics
  • Anything else you can think of to answer the original poster’s question as thoroughly as possible.

This would be a good time to look into joining our Cornerstone Content Challenge if you need a little help in crafting a fantastic article that will become a cornerstone of what your blog aims to be.

And if I may, I’d like to offer one last tip…

My suggestion is that you write the blog post in a voice that is speaking directly to the original poster.

You can then go back and edit it in a way that reads a little bit more for a general audience. But your first draft should specifically reach out to a single person and their problem.

That method reads better in my opinion…

Anyway. We’re ready for the final step in this process.

Step 4: Respond Back To The Original Poster With A Link To Your Blog Article.

Respond To The Original Poster For Article Feedback

In this last step, you’re going to sharpen your post even more by asking for direct feedback from the original poster.

If you followed the rules in step 3, you should have a list that includes the username, date, and URL of the original post you used as inspiration for your article.

I encourage you to leave a comment in the original thread saying something along the lines of…

“Hey, /u/examplename. I just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me to write a new blog post answering this exact question for you. I actually just wrote an XXXX word article (helps to be specific) that I believe answers your question fully. Would you be willing to take a look at it and let me know if it helped you?

If not… please let me know what was missing and I’ll be happy to go back and edit it until I’ve answered your question completely”.

** Note — Before sending out a message, please check your subreddit sidebar. 

Don’t spam – Read the rules – Follow good Reddiquette **

Once you receive a reply from the original poster, you may also be able to reply once more asking for feedback from anyone else who comes across that comment.

Once you receive a reply from the original poster, you may also be able to reply once more asking for feedback from anyone else who comes across that comment.

Reddit Posting Guidelines

Here are 3 great questions you can ask them to get the feedback you need…

  • “Did my post answer your question fully?”
  • “Is there anything you would change about the post?”
  • “Is there anything I didn’t address or left out?”

And that’s that!

Did This Post Help You Find Your Perfect Blog Niche?

Did this post give you any ideas on choosing the perfect niche?

If so, please consider sharing this on Reddit or any of your other social media groups down below.

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84 thoughts on “How To Find Your Perfect Blog Niche Using Reddit

  1. You cannot imagine how helpful I find your detailed post explaining the process for using reddit as a blogger. I have a reddit account and it’s been quite tough investing time on it. I’ve bookmarked your post for reference because I do want to find my niche on reddit. Thanks so much.

    1. Awwww. That makes me so happy 🙂 Let me know what niche you decide on. I’m more than happy to help however I can…

    1. Thanks! I completely agree. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all the rage right now. But there are sooooooo many traffic sources that go untapped. Your blog looks interesting as well. Putting it on my “to-do” list to check out later. Thanks for hanging out! You. Are. Amazing.

    1. Lol. Sure. Let me know if there’s anything you need help with and I’ll try and cover it in an upcoming article.

    1. It’s a never ending topic machine! And if you ever do run out of topics… try Quora too. The same process works for both.

    1. Absolutely my pleasure! Glad it’ll be of use to ya. Let me know if there’s anything you need help with or feel free to join our Discord and chat with the other bloggers up in the community. They’re all super smart and are a ton of help.

        1. Hey Ecstatic 🙂 You can join our SupaflyBloggers community on Discord here: https://discord.gg/mTnRbmk. We do a meeting every Saturday at 4:00pm EST where we talk about blogging, help each other out, give each other feedback, etc. It’s a ton of fun! Would love to see ya there.

    1. Thanks, Liana! And yep. Even when I know what my Niche is I use it all the time to mine topics that are getting lots of traction. Helps to keep your finger on the pulse of your niche. And thanks for all you do for the SupaFly Community. You’re one main ingredient to this awesome sauce 🙂

  2. I would love to hear your advice on how to deal with Spam filters – like what to do if you do all this and then see that for whatever reason spam filter is catching your post (even though you haven’t posted anything new in days and only responded / helped other people in comments)?

    1. I know I spoke to you about it in the SupaFly Discord Community, but I think that once your IP address is flagged for SPAM (for whatever reason), you’re probably put on some kind of watchlist for a certain amount of time. I’d suggest being active, but maybe just doing upvoting and responding to comments. Avoid links if possible. Surely they can’t put you on a temporary ban or restricted access for more than a week or so. Test that out and let us know how it worked for you.

  3. This is an interesting strategy to find one’s niche and niche down further. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It really is! Niching down is super important in my opinion. So kudos to you for recognizing that as well!

    1. Yeah man… give it a shot! If for no other reason than research, it’s a fantastic platform for blogging.

  4. Great post since I was in the same boat. I wasn’t sure what I really wanted to write about so I ended up writing about everything 😂😂😂 I wish I had read your blog before 😁

    1. Hahahaha. It’s such a common trap to fall into! As people, we have multiple interests and love to keep ourselves stimulated and not bored. So we talk about EVERYTHING so it never gets boring. Too bad it’s much easier to find someone interested in “cooking” than it is to find someone interested in “cooking and speed boat racing and have twins and likes astronomy but also enjoys Law and Order and…”. Way easier to just do “cooking” and do it well.

    1. Mmm, not necessarily “Very Active”. But you’d want to be active enough that you are subscribed to some subreddits. That’s the easiest way to validate what you already like and are passionate about.

  5. I use Reddit a lot, I’m always on it and I really enjoy it. I do know that when we share posts, as a blogger I have the biggest challenge sharing content and or getting it approved. A good example, I shared a really health related article that I wrote on r/health and the moderator took down my article and banned me from that subreddit group. I tried reaching out and they explained that they didn’t like or accept any blog posts even if it’s thoroughly researched, which mine was and I’m not a spammer. I don’t post a bunch of nonsense. I post quality written articles with a ton of research backing it. So, as much as I like Reddit, I also find the pickiness factor of what posts are accepted to be frustrating. 🙂

    1. Lol. I completely agree! Reddit’s one of the hardest places to promote in. Great for research. Promotion is a completely different beast… But keep trying. You only need 1 or 2 subreddits to work for you to get amazing traffic that’s super targeted.

      Let me know if you ever crack the code though cause it’ll make you millions…

        1. Yeah, that’s true. I personally don’t see how, though. I posted this article on Reddit and while I got probably about 500 views on it in just a day or so, the average time on site was only around 20 seconds. So in all honesty, that’s not traffic that I want anyway. But you are correct, some people do well with Reddit and it launches their blog. Guess it depends on the niche, time, and content of your blog.

  6. Wow, Reddit looks really cool! I have never used it actually, might want to check it out. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips.

    1. Reddit’s awesome! Stay tuned for more articles on how to utilize it for traffic as well.

    1. Well I kinda knew but I have a preference for Pinterest ad Facebook has cranked up the heat with the resources its giving us…I find I never run our of Blog Post ideas.

      With that said, what a superb step by step guide on how to find your perfect blog niche using reddit. I totally loved the simplicity and engaging me along the way. Way to go!

      1. What are your favorite resources on how to use Pinterest and Facebook effectively? I’m pretty good with Facebook. Still learning Pinterest. And glad you liked the article. Trying not to make it “not boring” while helping however I can is not as easy as I thought it would be. But it’s a ton of fun!

  7. I really didn’t even know what Reddit was before, thanks for sharing! I need to look more into this!

    1. Reddit’s amaaaaaaazing for traffic, validation, and SEO. It’s definitely worth looking into. I’ll try and do more articles on how to use if for ya’ll.

    1. Awwwww. Then you’re one of the lucky ones! I probably burned through 5 – 10 niches before I figured out how I wanted to spend my days. Wish I had known from the start. Seems waaaaaaaaaay less stressful…

    1. Took me a while to figure it out, but glad to help. Let me know if you’re interested in any more Reddit tips for blogging. I got a ton!

    1. Glad you liked it! Took me a while to come up with the process, so hopefully it helps. Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see 🙂

  8. I think Reddit is a great platform especially since it’s a huge community and a lot of articles or related news is in it. I don’t personally use this platform a lot but many of my guy friends do, and I think it’s useful. I have posted some photos or links of my blog before, and it was ranked on google relatively fast!

    1. Yep. A lot of people don’t know that but if you get a decent number of upvotes on a post, the link becomes “DoFollow” and can shoot you to the top of the rankings quickly.

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